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The SeeDeClip4 multiuser music server on Linux

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SeeDeClip4 is very smooth and fast on Linux, the threading, file and socket/network IO is extremely efficient there which is why Linux is the choice of the internet.

If you are using an older PC you'll notice a speed boost by moving from Windows to Linux, and that means music imports, responsiveness and speed are all improved. Additionally you can run a Linux server for a year or more without it slowing down, running out of memory or crashing, it's an extremely reliable base for SeeDeClip4.

Debian 8 on a i7 makes a formidable server for big music collections accessible for all the family.


Installation varies slightly for Linux because it assumes the user has some IT knowledge and is comfortable with the command line.

The Linux download is a small tarfile that you need to expand. Then just install the importers and run the ./seedeclip4 program.
E.g. from the Terminal type in:

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install flac mpg123 vorbis-tools libav-tools
  • tar -xf LINUX32_SeeDeClipV4.1.10.tgz
  • cd LINUX32_SeeDeClipV4.1.10
  • ./seedeclip4 &

  • 'sudo apt-get' is a regular Linux system command and will require your password.
    These 'apt' commands install the up to date file importers for MP3, AAC, FLAC etc.
  • The M4a import (in the Settings page) should be changed to
    m4a,m4r, avconv -i INFILE OUTFILE

The Linux version is a purely text-only program without a Run/Stop - it just sits there and runs, so click here: http://localhost:8000 to access it.

If you restart your Linux machine for any reason you can re-start the SeeDeClip4 by re-typing:
  • cd LINUX32_SeeDeClipV4.1.10
  • ./seedeclip4 &


SystemDownload link
Linux (32 bit) LINUX32_SeeDeClipV4.1.10.tgz (316.3kB)
Linux (64 bit) LINUX64_SeeDeClipV4.1.10.tgz (309.5kB)
ARM Linux (32 bit Raspbian) ARM32_SeeDeClipV4.1.10.tgz (295.3kB)


  • Debian 8 or Raspbian is the recommended linux, it's fast, easy to install and secure. The Cinnamon desktop is quite nice to use.

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