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Getting Started with SeeDeClip Duo

Please read the Installation instructions first.
SeeDeClip repairs damage to digital recordings, many of which are found on modern CDs. So you have the CD in your hand (or CD shelf) and you'd like to listen to it with a higher level of quality.

This is what you need to do:
1. Transfer the contents of the CD onto your computer (Rip the CD)
2. Run SeeDeClip to remove the clipping damage and repair the sound
3. Transfer the new music files to a new CD (burn a CD-R)

Then you can listen to your CD free of clipping artifacts and distortions.

Step 1: Extracting your music from CD

You will need a ripper to do this with, these are programs designed just to extract your music from your CDs. You will need to download and install the ripper and tell it to extract .WAV or raw files.

  • Windows: FreeRip is a good (free) Windows CD ripper tool.

  • Apple: Just use iTunes on the Mac to rip:

    Select the WAV import method (iTunes→Preferences→Advanced→Import)

  • Linux: Grip is a good (free) Linux CD ripper tool.

Step 2: Run SeeDeClip to repair the music

Look in the Visual document for details of how to run SeeDeClip. You can experiment with single files using the main menu, which allows you to tune the settings for the CD declip (using the Preview and Execute) buttons.

You can however just use the defaults which will give you a well declipped waveform.

Once you are happy with the settings, you need to open the Tools→Batch menu:

and choose the input and output directories: i.e. where you have ripped your songs to (in Step 1 above), and where you would like the repaired songs to be put (ready for Step 3!).

When you are ready, just press Start and you will be updated with progress:

Step 3: Transfer the repaired music files to CD

You will need a CD burning program for this, which usually comes with your computer's OS or can be downloaded from the internet.

  • Windows: A good reference from Microsoft here explains how to do it, and also there are tips here about burning a CD in windows.

    You can also use InfraRecorder to burn CDs in windows.

  • Apple: Just use iTunes on the Mac to burn, you just need to:
    1. Create a new playlist
    2. Drag-and-drop your new tracks into the new playlist
    3. Arrange the tracks in the order you want to hear them
    4. Right-click on the playlist and select Burn


  • Linux: Serpentine is a good way to burn an audio CD in Linux.

CD Declipping: Further reading about DeClip


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