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SeeDeClip V3 Duo: SeeDeClip Pro + DeClip Pro

  1. V3 has been superceded by the SeeDeClip4 webapp but is still available from this page.
  2. V3 functionality is covered in the 'Studio' page of SeeDeClip4.
  3. V3 is no longer supported. If there is feature you use that's not in SeeDeClip4: please request it.

There are two versions of SeeDeClip. This is so the basic software can still be affordable, and to allow the more advanced features (which frankly take a a huge effort to add to the software) to be available to people who need them.

SeeDeClip Duo consists of:

  1. Visual SeeDeClip CD declipping and research tool (Lite/Pro)
  2. Batch TxtDeClip text based declipper for streaming audio systems (Lite/Pro)

SeeDeclip V3

SeeDeClip incorporates the DeClip engine with some powerful graphics routines to allow you to explore and examine your CD music - to make it sound better.
SeeDeClip uses over 55,000 lines of fast C code in 171 source files to make your music sound better.


SeeDeClip Pro visual CD declipper features

  • Waveform analysis (channels, sample rate, format, duration)
  • Clip analysis (clips (L+R), max clip (L+R))
  • Level analysis (dB RMS level, peak level)
  • Active declipping (threshold adjustment, clip edge lift, gain limit)
  • Levelling (to dB target, by dB target, channel match, safety gap or unsafe)
  • Post process measurements (attenuation, RMS and max levels, clips fixed)
  • Free browsing of arbitrary (.wav) waveforms
  • Extensive zooming, scaling and panning (mouse and keyboard)
  • Preview function with graph memory
  • Axis functions (digital/analog display, linear/log/octave)
  • Special overlay graph technology (colour mixing by graph trace)
  • Extensive calculator (input tool and parsing calculator)
  • Multi-platform (Windows, Apple (ppc/X) and Linux (subject to dynamic libs)
  • Flexible conversion and declipping of aiff/ogg/mp3/flac/ape etc depending on config
  • Big file support (any size WAV, even really really big ones)
  • Active rounding (zone adjustment, gain control)
  • Resampling (bitrate with kaiser window options and sinc shapes)
  • Conversion (Auto/preserve, 8/16/24/32 and float, scaling)
  • FFT capability
  • Effects (channel swap, inversion, reserver)
  • Adjustable dithering

Buy SeeDeClip V3 Duo Pro

flag_en.png £24.99
You can use the product on Windows, Mac and Linux, just download the version(s) you need - details are on the email you receive on purchase.
A link describing how to download the software is emailed to you usually within the same day. Purchase entitles you to all versions, fixes and upgrades.

SeeDeClip Duo - the best value Hi-Fi upgrade you'll ever make?

CD Clipping Solved

A typical 'hot master' CD track will have a very flat loudness level, and in fact as can be see here, actually clips. In electronics when a signal clips, it runs out of voltage range and so the rise or fall of the signal 'stops', until the level recovered. Like chopping to tops off of the peaks and troughs. On a CD the voltage levels are stored numerically, in 16bit digital numbers. On a modern CD the signal runs out of numerical range and the effect is much the same as an electrical clip - the peaks and troughs get chopped off.



The CuteStudio DeClip engine at the heart of SeeDeClip uses advanced heuristics to piece back together the missing information in the music and recover the shape of the waveform, in many cases with good accuracy. De-clipping/recovering the sound lost either at the recording or mastering stage has an interesting effect on the dynamics and indeed frequency content of the music, as you can see in the graph below, after processing with SeeDeClip.



The graphing software in SeeDeClip shows the peak and RMS levels for a compressed wave such as this. In fact behind each pixel there are over 15,000 music samples. If you look at the top graph you can see a bluish tinge around the solid white signal in the middle. This tinge tells us that the RMS level of the left hand channel is higher than that of the right channel. If the right channel was higher you would see a red/pink tinge, like you do at the start where the right channel was louder.

The processing in this case was not levelled so there is still a blue tinge around the lower 'after' graph.

Tr2 1 Pre (104.2kB)
Tr2 1 Pre (104.2kB)

Viewing digital and analog waveforms

Many people do not appreciate that the CD medium is actually quite coarse for music, in terms of sampling rate and the number of levels for quiet signals. The SeeDeClip graphing software can display the signal either as the actual digital signal, sample by sample, or as an analog 'join-the-dots' view. This was mainly added for interest as the actual digital shape is quite revealing.


You can perform an FFT on a waveform, the application is perhaps rather limited for complex music, but you can still see how the before and after levels have been affected by closely studying the lower graph. The result here is in dB (selectable) - the dB is not relative to anything in particular currently.

Please read the documentation for more details.

TxtDeClip - Batch mode streaming CD audio declipping

Remaster was a previous text-based floating point declipper that pre-dated DeClip, and has been superceded by DeClip V2 Pro. SeeDeClip Duo is the most accurate declipping program to come out of CuteStudio Ltd and is possibly the best declipping program available today, anywhere.

TxtDeClip Pro is a part of SeeDeClip Duo and is a text program that is run from inside a command shell, like this:
It is designed for batch processing and integrating into digital music streaming systems and downloading services where the loudness war damage of CDs must be minimized.


More information about the DeClip digital waveform declipper can be found here.

  1. Fast integer maths suit jukebox and fast batch applications, such as declipping on the fly.
  2. Digital music streaming, for consistent level and smooth listenable sound.
  3. Floating point suits accurate floating point declipping and levelling, useful for preprocessing - for example if you run a radio station you will use the levelling feature to equalise the RMS volume of all tracks. This could be used in high end CD players with for example 20bit DACs.
  4. Works with 8bit, 16bit, 24bit, 32bit and 32bit floating point!
  5. Batch mode and custom levelling and level matching
  6. Resampling to higher or lower bitrates, e.g 96kHz
  7. Contains 16bit integer, 32bit integer and 32bit floating point declipping routines.
  8. Special dynamic clip fixing for provide the most accurate waveform predictions
  9. Dithering output for remastering
  10. RMS energy gain options for the audio loudness standard (replay gain).

Professional digital declipping/ restoration/ repair

Without DeClip Pro, your streamed audio sound may be uneven in level and have severe clipping distortion, which makes listeners lose interest and turn the sound down or off. Create a consistent, professional and high quality sound for yourself and your listeners.

Professional software for digital audio de-clipping

If you have problematic audio tracks that are clipped, this program will make a best-guess at reconstructing those missing areas. The biggest application is to repair modern CDs prior to listening, remastering and broadcasting.

TxtDeClip Pro is an essential tool for:
  • Radio Stations. Level and balance tracks to within 0.001dB per channel with repaired waveforms
  • DJs. Level and repair
  • Creating compilation CDs, either as a record company or just for listening in the car
  • A&R - compare music correctly - at exactly the same volume
  • Mastering: make sure channels and balanced, clips are removed and the full CD dynamic range is being used.
  • Mixing and recording for damage repair, levelling and effects (sound reversing can sound interesting!).
  • Clubs - give your customers a sound to return for, clip free and equal RMS volume.

Existing customers should get updated in the next few days, check junk setting then contact us if not.

Now with multi-format support via audio conversion plugins for FLAC etc.
Pro version

The apple versions run under X windows. If you need to install X windows for Leopard/Intel get XQuartz.

The DEMO version gives you up to 30 seconds of declipped audio.

Customer feedback:
  • It's the first time I'm able to listen to the whole record by Red hot Chili Peppers 'Californication' on high volume!
    The record is so bad that the program warned of lost information. Can't remember but think it had a track with over 30,000 clips!
    Even my wife says it is a huge difference!

  • The software works very well under ubuntu-amd64, a batch conversion of an album took around 3 minutes on my 2x2GHz system. The results sounds amazing, newer albums get back a lot of clearness and fresher punches.

  • I am a happy owner of your SeeDeclip program. I am now switching to streaming audio via Squeezecenter.
    Are you considering writing a version of your program, so that it can work together with Squeezecenter???
    Luckily I already have burned a new copy of most of my "problem CD's", and then I can rip the declipped CD instead.
    But it would be nice with a version that works with Squeezecenter which by the way is getting VERY popular.

  • I've compared it (SeeDeclip-ed) to other declippers like iZotope RX, and they don't produce very satisfactory results; RX in fact often declips things completely wrong, in some cases "restoring" the peak of the waves in the complete opposite direction, which sounds terrible and makes more work for me. Even the demo of SeeDeClip is very promising, declipping some things that RX and the like (Adobe Audition etc) didn't restore correctly.

  • I just tried out your DeClip program. What should I say... It is unbelievable! Such a clear sound. It is the first time, I like the new album from Sarah Connor - sexy as hell. What an emotional moment, to hear what this piece of Software is able to do.

Purchasing information

When you have purchased DeClip Pro a link will be emailed to you for you to download it. Please allow for office opening hours, our elves insist on sleeping once or twice a week.

Buy SeeDeClip V3 Duo Pro

flag_en.png £24.99
You can use the product on Windows, Mac and Linux, just download the version(s) you need - details are on the email you receive on purchase.
A link describing how to download the software is emailed to you usually within the same day. Purchase entitles you to all versions, fixes and upgrades.

Note: We have had a couple of cases where we did not receive notification, so please Contact us if you have waited for longer than 24 hours or just fancy giving us a prod :). Please check your Junk folders first!

Please read the documentation for installation, getting started and operational information.

Free upgrades

A purchase of SeeDeClip V3 also enables you to use SeeDeClip4 and updates.
SeeDeClip4 is current software and being actively upgraded and maintained.
SeeDeClip V3 keys are compatible with SeeDeClip4, just upload your key in the Settings/Update page.

Offline/built-in documentation for SeeDeClip/DeClip

Please read the readme.txt file to see how to run the program and how to use the many options available. The full documentation is supplied in HTML within the doc folder, just select the file called index.htm in that folder and open it with your usual browser.


Some of the features in SeeDeClip came from suggestions by Aenn Seidhe Priest, you may like to lookup some of his work and articles about music and sound quality.


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