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Change Log

Version Main changes
V4.1.13 Bugfixes. Better (HF) dither.
V4.1.12 Auto update check. Safari warnings. Bugfixes.
V4.1.11 Bugfixes and cueing enhancements.
V4.1.10 Bugfixes and usability.
V4.1.09 Audio bugfix: last segment error
V4.1.08 Vu meter + waveform data/speed upgrades
V4.1.07 Minor fix for Win32
V4.1.06 Audio bugfix, (declipping - dcda)
V4.1.05 Vu meters added. Minor bugfixes.
V4.1.04 Meta data Eascii -> UTF8 and filecache
V4.1.03 Decomp fix and arm key fix
V4.1.02 Various small fixes and Raspbian added
V4.1.01 Rationalise to free/pro versions
V4.1.0 More free features
V4.0.9 Bugfixes, polish, tidy
V4.0.8 Win32, usability and remote bugfixes
V4.0.7 Useability and upgradability fixes
V4.0.6 Installation fixes
V4.0.5 Bugfix for getting started
V4.0.4 Playlist upgrades and client bugfix
V4.0.3 Slave fixes
V4.0.2 No update file, loopback blocking
V4.0.1 Loopback listener fix
V4.0.0 First release version

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