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Embedded website demo

Please note that this is a demo for programmers and developers. It's not an 'App' or a program anyone will find useful, it's merely a demo program created using the CuteStudio 'Ember' software libraries to show how the system works and how easy it is to interface with.

Development machines

There are two basic development platforms, mostly we rely on Linux however which can be run in Virtualbox if you only have a Windows PC available.

Target (host) system Development platform Toolchain Download link
ARM32 Linux gcc (Raspbian 4.9.2-10) (140.9kB)
APPLE64 Apple Xcode (152.0kB)
LINUX32 Linux gcc (160.1kB)
LINUX64 Linux gcc (155.0kB)
WIN32 Linux i686-w64-mingw32
Innosetup under Wine (163.3kB)


Unzip the files to your current directory and run the demoweb executable.
% unzip
% ./demoweb

Then view the website on

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