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We have expertise and products in the following areas:
  • Digital audio processing
  • Electronic analogue simulation
  • Website software
  • Graphics for mobile devices


Mid 2015: Coming soon; SeeDeClip V4, a revolution in digital music accessibility. Free to existing customers. Available on all devices.

May 2010: Checkout the new SeeDeClip friendly iTunes server for Mac OS X on Snow Leopard
May 2010: Running SeeDeClip on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Digital Declipping: SeeDeClip Duo V3, improve your Hi-Fi today making your CDs and streaming audio (wav/aiff/flac/mp3) sound better:

Have you recently invested £1000s or £100s in a top-end CD player? Most modern CDs are recorded too loudly, 'clipping' the digital information, making them sound rough and coarse. SeeDeClip can fix this problem, making all of your CDs sound much better.

Go from this

To this
Wheatus, Teenage Dirtbag

with CuteStudio's SeeDeClip Duo, declipping both CDs and streaming audio.!
Which do you think sounds better?

TRY OUR V3 DEMO now for the Lite and Pro versions!!
Existing customers should get updated in the next few days, check junk setting then contact us if not.

Now with multi-format support via audio conversion plugins for FLAC etc.
Lite version

Pro version

The apple versions run under X windows. If you need to install X windows for Leopard/Intel get XQuartz.

The DEMO version gives you up to 30 seconds of declipped audio. The Lite and Pro versions are limited only by filesize.

Customer feedback:
  • It's the first time I'm able to listen to the whole record by Red hot Chili Peppers 'Californication' on high volume!
    The record is so bad that the program warned of lost information. Can't remember but think it had a track with over 30,000 clips!
    Even my wife says it is a huge difference!

  • The software works very well under ubuntu-amd64, a batch conversion of an album took around 3 minutes on my 2x2GHz system. The results sounds amazing, newer albums get back a lot of clearness and fresher punches.

  • I am a happy owner of your SeeDeclip program. I am now switching to streaming audio via Squeezecenter.
    Are you considering writing a version of your program, so that it can work together with Squeezecenter???
    Luckily I already have burned a new copy of most of my "problem CD's", and then I can rip the declipped CD instead.
    But it would be nice with a version that works with Squeezecenter which by the way is getting VERY popular.

  • I've compared it (SeeDeclip-ed) to other declippers like iZotope RX, and they don't produce very satisfactory results; RX in fact often declips things completely wrong, in some cases "restoring" the peak of the waves in the complete opposite direction, which sounds terrible and makes more work for me. Even the demo of SeeDeClip is very promising, declipping some things that RX and the like (Adobe Audition etc) didn't restore correctly.

  • I just tried out your DeClip program. What should I say... It is unbelievable! Such a clear sound. It is the first time, I like the new album from Sarah Connor - sexy as hell. What an emotional moment, to hear what this piece of Software is able to do.

Repair digital and analog clipping distortion on the fly for streaming audio

This class-leading software actually repairs clipping damage on digitised signals, removing and repairing more of the digital distortion and levelling them for perfect Jukebox or radio station level control.
SeeDeClip Duo is already used by sound experts and radio stations.

The graphing functions within SeeDeClip can select digital or analog so you can see the true CD values that create your listening experience, look at the jagged edges of the digital signal.


Electronic SPICE simulation products

Please note these have been delayed while we are working on other projects, check back here for info.

Coming soon: SumOne

Design, simulate, build..


Coming a bit later: SumTwo

Learn, design and experiment with diodes and transistors..


Non-linear simulation, sweep, monte-carlo, FFT..
Control, audio and RF.

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